Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Conspiracy theories...part two

We weren’t in the car 5 minutes when my BF’s cell phone rang.  I heard her voice, but I was driving so I tried not to pay attention.  He wasn’t saying much, but what could he say with the kids right there. All I kept thinking was “please don’t let her be telling him to bring the kids back”.  He hung up, obviously distressed, I asked him if everything was ok, he said no.  I asked him in English if we had to bring back the kids, he said no.  This was about all he said until we got home. 

He asked me what happened between me and her, I told him.  He told me that she told him she never wants to have anything to do with me and that if she saw me on her property she would call the police.  I was in shock, I knew she was crazy and had a tendency to overreact, but this was new.  I went to check on the kids, when I got back, he was sitting in a chair in the dark living room.  I asked him if he was mad at me, he said he didn’t know what to think.  I got furious.  I was only defending him and his rights, and he might be mad at me!  How dare he!  We didn’t speak to each other that night.

The next morning, when he woke me up because he was leaving for SS2’s hockey practice, I told him I loved him, we hugged, and he said he loved me too, and left.  When he came back, he was alone.  Apparently she had showed up at the practice and had gone into the changing room with SS2 after.  When SS2 came out, he had a donut and said he wanted to go home with his mom.  My BF, holding to our rule of not manipulating the kids and letting them express themselves freely, agreed.  When he got into his car, she came up to him.  According to him he really laid into her, and then drove away, exactly as I had.  We sat together and talked it out.  I told him that her reaction essentially meant that it would be up to him for the next while to fight for us, our family.  Unfortunately I am not a genetic parent, and therefore have no rights, and she can bar me from her home.  I told him that if she wanted to continue this level of hostility I did not want her in my home either, and he agreed that we would make our home an EX free zone as much as we could.  I told him that I was confident that he was ready to take up the baton and stand up for himself, and us.  He replied that while he was less confident in his abilities, he was ready to give it all he has.  As with everything, we would face this together.

Not long after, the phone rang, it was her, SS2 wanted to come back.  My BF told her to meet him at the swimming lesson to drop him off.  The rest of the weekend went great, the kids were happy, fun was had by all.  Sunday afternoon the kids were playing outside, and we were inside, watching them from the window.  My BF gave me a hug and said we can do this, together we are stronger than her.  I think it was the most optimistic thing I have ever heard him say, and I believe him.

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