Friday, February 1, 2013

Cat shenanigans

Last night’s events from my point of view.

9:30 PM – Have a hot bath, give myself a manicure

10:00 PM – Go to bed, fall asleep immediately (which if you know me is pretty rare)

Sometime during the night – Cat2 gets into bed and snuggles and purrs, I half-awake pet her for a while, then fall back to sleep.  I am vaguely aware of her trying to grab my hand with her paw/claws.

Some later time during the night – HOLYCRAPWHATTHEFUCK!!!! Why is there cold water on my head, pillow, bed, everywhere? 

The BF and I jump out of bed, and spot Cat2 sitting on the floor.  She proceeds to roll onto her back and look at us for tummy rubs.  We get up, try to absorb as much water from the bed as possible, and go get pillows from the boys’ room.  As we are mopping up the water we find little beads, I look at my wrist to see my bracelet missing.  We pick up as many beads as we can find, throw a couple more towels on the bed as a barrier to the still wet mattress, and try to go back to sleep.  A Cat2 immediately jump back onto the bed and snuggles and purrs, I half-awake pet her for a while, then fall back to sleep.

How I imagine the events transpired from Cat2’s point of view.

Hmmm, I think I need some attention, I’ll go wake up  mummy.  I love when she pets me like that.  Huh, she seems to have fallen back to sleep, I’ll claw at her hand so she understands that I wasn’t finished.  Oooh, a bracelet, let’s see if we can’t snap that off and play with pretty beads.  Well, done playing with the beads and it didn’t even wake her up.  What’s that? A glass of water on the nightstand, that ought to do the trick, I’ll just knock it over and the refreshing water will wake her up, She will surely thank me with belly rubs.  Oops, she doesn’t seem to happy about the surprise bath, oh well, she’s awake now, Ill offer her my magnificent belly for her to rub.  Why is she getting back into bed, my belly is unrubbed?  I’ll just climb back into bed with her.  There we go, she finally understood, more snuggles.  Well, I’m done, what’s Cat1 up to?

In case you are wondering, yes, this is the same cat from this event.

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  1. Oh how funny! We like to imagine what our pets are thinking too!