Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 1st goals update

Goal #1 – Gratitude
Hmmm, not doing so well on this one, I will have to focus a bit more.

Goal #2 – Money
I’ve been reading (and doing the exercises) in Shoo Jimmy Choo, so far so good J (9730$ as of February 1st)

Goal #3 – Weight
I started doing a 1 hour Zumba class on Wednesdays; so far I love it.  I also started a vegetable based protein diet.  After 1 week, 1.5lbs gone.

I have also been on/off sick the past couple of weeks, every time I feel 100% the BFs kids re-infect me, but it’s worth it.  Last weekend we had an extra day together to celebrate my cousin’s daughter’s 3rd birthday.  Loads of fun was had J

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