Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So yah, things have been really crazy

You know what they say about good intentions; the road to hell is paved with them.  That is kind of how I feel right now.  I had every intention of being a good little blogger, and was well on my way to being the super organized person I strive to be, then Blammo, life happened, mostly good stuff, but life changing.  I’m gonna do a resume here, and expand on things in individual posts soon

On the day of my last blog post, my dad went to jail.  It wasn’t surprising, we were kind of expecting it, but it was pretty stressful nonetheless.  He’s not a hard core dangerous criminal or anything, just an alcoholic doing your usual run of the mill alcohol related things.  So began my weekly visits to the local prison, and the feeling like a rope in a tug of war.

A week later, my boyfriend and I decided that it was time for him to officially move in and set a date.  This led to frantic closet emptying on my part.  I have never lived with a man before; in fact I have not lived with another human being on a long term basis in over a decade, just me and my cat.  We decided to make it official on September 15th, to give me time to make room for him.  As much as I try to declutter regularly, I have a LOT of clothes, shoes, purses, etc.

Then we integrated a new kitten to the family.  In our nearly 10 years together, my older cat had never accepted another cat, despite many efforts with cats of either sex and various ages, I had given up and accepted that he was a loner.  After some emotional blackmail by my cousin’s kids, I accepted to take a kitten home to try for 2 weeks with the understanding that if my older cat did not accept her, I would bring her back.  Long story short, 3 days later my old grumpy cat was playing like a kitten again and grooming the new kitten, so we kept her.  This led to many sleepless nights, lost items, and general frustration that comes with a hyperactive kitten.

About a week after that I was at an event for my current job (the uber unstable one) and a nice lady offered me a newer shinier job.  I was cautious, and said I would email her my resume and we could discuss it further.  That got the little hamster in my head running.  Maybe I should be looking more actively for a new job; maybe I wasn’t as stuck as I thought I was.  The following Friday, an old co-worker of mine from forever ago emails me and sais that she would like to discuss a position that just opened up for the company that she works for that she thinks I would be perfect for. The following Monday, I had first interviews with both.  Both were pretty interesting. 

The following Thursday, my car was parked in the street in front of my work, minding her own business, and right in front of my eyes a transport truck ran right into her.  At first glance there was body damage, and a flat tire.  We exchanged information, put on the spare, and I very slowly drove to my garage.  My mechanic put her up on the lift, and declared that there was too much damage, and that I could not drive her until the insurance inspector guy came.  And that began my week long odyssey in auto insurance claims and buying a new car fast.

So yah, the past five weeks have been pretty crazy, my dad in jail, car totalled, job change, new kitten, and boyfriend moved in.  Everything non-essential had been put on back burners and now I am in catch up mode, which is only slightly better than survival mode.

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