Thursday, October 15, 2015

Halloween This Or That Tag Questions

1. Chocolate candy or fruity?  FRUITY
2. Witches of Vampires? WITCHES
3. Trick or Treat? TREAT
4. Halloween Party or Scary Movie? SCARY MOVIE
5. Skeletons or Zombies? ZOMBIES
6. Trick-or-Treat or Hand Out Candy? TRICK OR TREAT
7. Hay Ride or Corn Maze? HAY RIDE
8. Scary Costume or Funny Costume? FUNNY COSTUME
9. Pumpkin Seeds or Pumpkin Pie? PUMPKIN SEEDS
10. Bottle Feed A Baby Zombie or Walk Alone Through A Dark Forest? WALK ALONE
11. Bats or Black Cats? BLACK CATS
12. Pumpkin Spice or hot Chocolate? HOT CHOCOLATE
13. Celebrate in your neighborhood or at the mall? NEIGHBORHOOD

Inspired by Mama Kat's writer's workshop : Write a blog post answering the This Or That Halloween tag questions

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. Trick or Treat at the mall seems so lame to me. But I am from the days of grab a pillow case, canvas the town, and eat candy until Thanksgiving!

  2. We matched 8 out of 13...not too bad!