Monday, November 5, 2012

Xylophones and mothers

Conversation a few weeks ago at my place

Me : (Hangs up cell phone) Question.
BF : What?
Me : How do you feel about Xylophones?
BF : (Looks at me puzzled) What do you mean?
Me : I mean, how do you feel about Xylophones? As in, would you like for us to have one?
BF : (still puzzled) Xylophone as in the musical instrument? What kind of Xylophone are we talking about?
Me : A six foot long wooden one.  It’s from Africa.
BF : Why are you asking me this?
Me : Because my mom wants to give us one?
BF : Why?
Me : Because she thought We’d like it.
BF : She’s going to mail a six-foot Xylophone?
Me : Of course not, she’s bringing it.  Oh, by the way, my mom’s coming to visit, you finally get to meet your mother in law.
BF : With a six foot wooden Xylophone?
Me : Yup!

And then he walked off mumbling something about genetics and it being hereditary.

A few hours later

BF : Is your mom seriously going to show up with a six foot Xylophone?
Me : Yah, why?
BF : Where are we going to put it?
Me : I dunno, but it would be rude to  refuse it.  I mean how many people would go to the trouble of lugging a 6 foot Xylophone on the bus.  Plus, I haven’t seen her in years, and it’s her way of showing she cares.
BF : With a Xylophone?
Me : A Xylophone from Africa!
BF : Did she go to Africa?
Me : Of course not, who comes back from Africa with a huge Xylophone?
BF : The same person who carries it on a bus.
Me : Don’t mock, it’s not nice.
BF : I’m not mocking, I’m confused.
Me : Do you want me to call her back and tell her we don’t want the Xylophone?
BF : No, because then I’ll be the jerk son in law who doesn’t like her gifts.
Me : Then why are we having this discussion?
BF : I give up!

So my mom’s coming to visit, possibly with a Xylophone.  I’ve seen her twice in the past decade, so I’m kind of freaking out, but not about the Xylophone.

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